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Story Development for Feature Screenplay - $2500.00

The Full Story Development process provides an outline with a complete scene-by-scene breakdown of the entire screenplay (20-25 scenes).  It also includes and in-depth character development process for each of the main and secondary characters.  The purpose of the story development process is to fill in all the missing key story elements that the story needs to succeed in the market place and to avoid rewrites once the script is completed.    The client and the screenwriter work closely together during this process, however, the other two stages of the   writing is done by the screenwriter alone but only after consultation with the client.  

Story Development Process takes about 3-4 weeks to complete. 

First Draft for Feature Screenplay - $4000.00

The first draft of a screenplay is based on the outline from the story development process.  The first draft of the feature scripts is typically about 100-120 pages long and is written in Final Draft Software. Both the client and the screenwriter agree on all the key elements of the story development and character development process before the writing of the first draft of the screenplay begins.  The first draft is returned to the client in PDF file for review once completed. 

The First Draft of a feature screenplay takes about 4-6 weeks to complete.

The Final Polish for Feature Screenplay - $1500.00

The Final Polish of the feature screenplay  further tightens and improves all the main aspects of the script and focuses on eliminating any unnecessary fat from the script or story which slows down the reader.  It also further strengthens the existing dialogue and chemistry between all the main characters, as well as tightens all the action so that the script no longer reads like a first draft, but is instead a 'page tuner' from start to finish. 

The Final Polish of a feature screenplay takes about 2-3 weeks to complete.

TV Series Development & First Pilot Episode - $5500.00

The TV Series Development Process includes an in-depth story and character development process between the screenwriter and the client, as well as the Title of the TV Series, the Logline, the Theme, the Genre, the central Location and main Characters for the entire TV Show.  It also includes the writing of the First Pilot Episode (60 pages long) which is written Final Draft Software.  There are many aspects to developing a new TV show and many key story and character elements to consider to get it right, so hiring a professional writer is a very important.  

The TV Series Development & First Pilot Episode takes about 4-6 weeks to complete.

TV Series Treatment & Five Additional Episodes - $2500.00

The TV Series Treatment is written in Word Document and is typically up to 20-25 pages long.  It includes many areas of interest to the TV Producer, including the Title the Show, the Logline, the Theme and Genre as well as the key locations of the show.  It also includes a detailed summary of the main Characters of the show as well as their background.  The Treatment also includes the five additional episodes which complete the first Season of the TV show.  The five additional episodes are summarized in one page each, and show in the main conflict of the show as well as the ways in which the main characters deal with their goals. 

The TV Series Treatment with Five Additional Episodes takes about 3-4 weeks.to complete. 

Review of Existing Materials - $100.00 to $350.00

If you have completed materials about your project that need to be read and reviewed there is a fee for the time it takes to read and evaluate the material. Once I have read and evaluated the material I will send you note and we can discuss the project more over the phone in detail.  

Turn around is about 1 week.

MANUSCRIPT AND/OR TREATMENTS (40 pages or less) - $100.00

MANUSCRIPTS AND/OR TREATMENTS (40 pages to 100 pages) - $200.00

FEATURE SCREENPLAYS (120 pages or less) - $250.00

NOVELS OR BOOKS (360 pages or less) - $350.00



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