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TV Series - Sunnycrest Farm for Boys

“There is solid potential in for this TV Series premise, particularly in the nostalgic feel and the transition 12 year-old Michael makes from a dangerous urban area environment to the pleasant life on a rural farm. The contrast between life in the North Philly projects, complete with broken elevators and aggressive gang members recruiting young kids, to life in Quaker/Amish Lancaster County – with swimming/fishing holes and feeding livestock – is quite effective. The meeting between Big Momma and Miss Stuckland effectively sets up the action and change of location that follows.  Once Michael arrives at the farm, the writer does a solid job drawing him out of his shell and showing him form friendships with the other orphaned, neglected and abused boys.  The bonds are formed and the storyline is engaging at all times. The strong characters who encounter bullies, negro girls at a neighboring farm for girls who they engage with through weekly dances, as well as the many other adventures highlighted in the additional episodes, makes this TV Series stand out and highly unique.”


TV Series - Bon Appetite'

“Thank you, Suzanne, for all your talent in helping me develop this pre-teen animated and live action TV series kids show.  Your contribution to the characters and story was extremely appreciated as well as your attention to many fine details.  You somehow took my strange animated ‘cooking utensil’ characters and brought them to life — giving them each very distinct voices with personalities, which exceeded my expectations. They are now equal to many famous animation TV shows and movies of our times and completely unforgettable. I also enjoyed the process of working with you, which helped me to better understand the entire TV SHOW development process.  It allowed me to walk away with the TV script that I truly love as well as an incredible first episode.  I am grateful to you for all your hard work and additional help after the project was finished.  Your suggestions on how to prepare material for marketing were extremely helpful. Can’t wait to use you again on more future projects!”

Lennox Blackwood Co-Writer and Co-Creator - London, UK

Feature Film - The Invisible War

“The Invisible War is a supernatural spiritual drama that follows the life of a struggling black artist reluctant to believe in God after being abused as a child, who suspects he is being stalked by a threatening woman who possesses a demonic spirit.  Scenes often deliver on this high expectation and highlight the risks to the protagonist who derives tension from these obstacles effectively. Action relates well to the core concept, and the characters have room to be exploring their emotions as well as convey meaningful subtext.  As Jesse is repeated stalked by Simone, who is hell bent on converting him towards occult and Satan, Jesse soon finds himself turning to religion in an effort to get her out of his life.  Jesse is further educated in ways of demons by Born Again Christian, Angela, who works with Jesse at a hotel and who offers Jesse advise on how to deal with them through Bible teachings about ‘Spiritual Warfare’.  Through a series of compelling encounters with Simone and her ‘fellow’ demons, Jesse soon discovers his true ‘gift’ of discern ‘demonic spirits’ living inside human beings — a gift he possessed as a child but has since forgotten.  This ‘gift’ also proves to provide another spiritual awakens when a message is relayed to him from God that he has been chosen as the ‘Last Prophet’ to rid New York City of its demonic presence.   As Jesse struggles to deal with this revelation he turns towards Christianity itself to bind the evil spirits around him. As the battle escalates between Simone, and her fellow Satan/occult worshiping roommate, Caesar, Jesse is lured into a den of evil in a tent located at the Brooklyn Trinidad Street Carnival where attendees offer human sacrifices to Satan.  Here Jesse confronts all the demons, including the Satan himself, in a climactic scene, which proves to be both realistic and breathtaking.  This script deserves high marks.  Great writing!”

Reader from  - RECOMMEND

Feature Film - The General's Wife

“Utilizing a fascinating concept within a proven genre, THE GENERAL’S WIFE unfolds a sweeping insight into a family torn apart and ultimately finding redemption within humanity’s most brutal setting. Within this rich tableau, the screenplay conjures fascinating character dynamics, reveals unique perspectives, and weaves these elements into an engrossing, entertaining, and fiercely cinematic screenplay.  It is abundantly clear that THE GENERAL’S WIFE is a great screenplay with a solid structure and the writers’ outstanding prowess is evident throughout.” – Reader GM - RECOMMEND

Feature Film - Rewrite - The King's Rook

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in this difficult rewrite. You addressed all our main concerns as well as fixed all the character issues which were holding back the story and did it all in record time to meet our shooting deadline.  Your suggestions and insight were dead on and exactly what we needed and helped to make this a much stronger script from start to finish. We will certainly be looking forward to working with you again on other future projects.”


Feature Film - The Naughty Boy

“A fun holiday family film with enough whimsy and wit to appeal to both children and adults, THE NAUGHTY BOY creates a vivid fantasy world but populates it with believable, complex characters. James is a wonderful protagonist, and his growth from insensitive lout into a caring person is affecting because he is such a nuanced character, with complicated emotions just like a child in his situation would be. The other characters are likewise immediate and emotionally real, so the dramatic stakes of the story always feel important. THE NAUGHTY BOY has a number of great ideas percolating through it, and is packed with wonderful characters.”

John Papapvolos, Gallagher Literary Agency - RECOMMEND  

Feature Film Musical - My Grey Alien

“First of all, I want to say how much FUN I’m having with this project.  It has been an extraordinary experience for me and it’s just the beginning. I feel CONNECTED and ENGAGED in the creative process again and I’m LOVIN’ it!  I have no idea how you did it, but you took my crazy idea about a Musical love story with an AWOL Alien who sings lead in a Country Western band and falls in love with a female SINGER — beyond what I had ever imagined.  The characters are incredible now!  Thank you! You really ramped it up this fantastical story and made sense of all the crazy elements — including developing an incredible cast of characters — and turned it ALL into an enormously workable and entertaining movie! And as for the MUSIC, you even encouraged me to WRITE TWO NEW songs, which pulled it all together even more, in terms of the emotional elements, needed to round out this incredible CAST of unique characters.  Outstanding JOB!” 

Jeffrey West – Client, Co-Write, Co-Creator, Songwriter - Santa Cruz, CA

TV Series - Sunnycrest Farm for Boys

“SFFB’s main characters are simply charming. A young boy from the projects of Northern Philly is lucky to have a grandmother like Big Momma, who is so determined to protect him from gangs that she talks her grandson’s way into a three-year program with the Quakers that teaches academics and farming life far away from the inner city projects. The writer shows a strong ability in good storyteller, as Michael’s journey to Sunnycrest Farm is both touching and engaging.  You have set up a family that you can really root for – which viewers will want to tune in to find out what happens to the family and to Michael on a weekly basis. There is a Family Television feel to your script as well as a unique and lively family that we can really care about root for right away. Despite the danger lurking in the Projects, your script has a very warm and hopeful feel to it, which a viewer can easily share with his whole family.  There is no visual violence from the gangs in North Philly, but only sounds and threats made, which makes Michael’s stay at Sunnycrest seems like a bucolic, adventurous journey full of boyish scuffles and challenges free from violence.  Since this is also autobiographical, we eagerly anticipating Michaels ‘weekly’ adventures. The strength of family is a good theme — especially the strength of the women – Big Momma, Van, and Miss Stuckland. Michael having doubts about leaving his family to take advantage of Sunnycrest is every child’s experience of leaving home for the first time.  The importance of having good friends around him is also a theme for Michael – as well as sharing his family with his newfound ‘orphaned buddies’ who never grew up with families of their own or the experience ‘loving relatives.’ The overall tone of your TV Series is youthful and one of discovery.  This could be a great TV show for the entire family.”


Feature Film - The Naughty Boy

“This has great potential as a movie about a boy who decides to reclaim the true spirit of Christmas and remind people what the holidays are all about – family.  It’s a great theme and sadly often overlooked during the holidays. These days, Christmas seems to have become all about the presents. I like that the writers are able to take the story to the extreme point of James stealing presents in an attempt to make parents and other kids realize that they need to communicate better.  They are all too hung up on technology, and not on what's most important!  Themselves.  The parents realize that they’ve been interfering with Santa by buying presents for their kids who often don't earn or deserve any toys at all, and do it as a means to feel less guilty about the time they no longer spend as a family..  Even the elves in Sant's world learn something as they realized they are no longer valued or even needed if technology takes over the toy world. That’s all great and really hits the theme of this original story.” – Reader EK - RECOMMEND