TV Series Writing


TV Series Development & First Pilot Epsoide

It is important to hire a professional writer to help develop a new TV show, simply because there are so many key elements involved in setting the stage for a new show.  The TV Series development stage includes the writing the First Pilot Episode of the new show, as well as the full development stage for the TV show and the main characters.  The TV Series Story Development stage is similar to the screenplay development stage, in that is pays close attention to the key elements required from the TV Producers point of view.  For a TV Show it is even more important to get these key elements right because it is very different from a movie screenplay.  It is a weekly show that has to have 'teeth' to it and a theme that plays out for a specific audience.  The backdrop which is the location, also has to be fresh and new and something audiences want to revisit. This is also true of the central main characters who are carefully chosen (as well as their chemistry) because these characters will be another main reason why audiences would continue to turn in each week.  They must grow, intact and have conflict that forces them to change over time and so they are allowed to evolve.  

During the TV Series development stage, you will learn more about what is important in a TV show and how best to present these requirements for a successful show.  The TV Series development stage include the character development and development of the entire show as well as includes the first TV Pilot Episode (60 pages written in Final Draft). 


The TV Series Development & First Episode takes 4-6 weeks to complete. 

TV Series Treatment with Five (5) Additional Episodes

The TV Series treatment is written after the development of the TV Series and after the first Pilot Episode is written.   The Treatment includes a 20-25 page long blueprint of the entire show, including five additional Episodes which are summarized which gives the Producer a complete look at the entire first season of the new TV show.  The TV Series Treatment includes the TV Show Title, the TV Show Logline, the TV Show Main Concept and Theme as well as Genre, the main location and backdrop (sets) and most importantly an introduction to the main characters of the TV show as well as their backgrounds.  The characters chemistry is also developed and addressed including how they interact with each other during the course of the first season, while also indicating what their specific main 'goals are'.  

The TV Series Treatment also includes the five (5) additional first season episodes which in a page long synopsis.   The additional episodes indicates the main conflict of the follow up episodes as well as how these 'conflicts' impact the main characters and implies how this 'conflict' either pushes them towards their main goals, or pulls them further away from it. 

The TV Treatment and (5) Five Additional Episodes takes 4-6 weeks to complete.