The Goal

From Concept to Completion

If you have a truly original story idea that you wish to transform into a compelling, professionally written screenplay, then you have already taken the first step towards success. My professional screenwriting and ghostwriting services have a proven track record of taking unique and original story ideas and transforming them into highly polished, commercially marketable screenplays that meet all of Hollywood's strict screenwriting standards.  

The 3-Stages of the Screenwriting Process

I begin the screenwriting process by sorting through your thoughts and ideas and organizing them into a solid theme, genre and screenplay outline, including a 20-25 scene story breakdown with unique and unforgettable characters.  The story and character development stage ensures that you make the right choice for your story, including the selection of the main and secondary characters that jump off the page.  The development stage also educates the client about what is expected by film and TV industry professionals who are going to read your story.  This development stage is the most important stage in the entire writing process and eliminates any writing problems later on or the need for future rewrites!  That's a promise.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As many of my screenwriting clients can testify, I have taken their unique story ideas and transformed them into a compelling professionally written screenplays. Whether you're an average everyday person, business executive, film producer or celebrity you can be assured that your story will get the attention it deserves.  See my client testimonies for reviews about their screenwriting and TV writing experiences. I look forward to  helping you to achieve your script writing goals as well as hearing all about your 'unique' story.